The Process

The process is a search for fears and needs that have been suppressed. In the past, the defence mechanisms around these fears and needs may have been effective, and one could get by. However, by continuously suppressing the fears and needs, one ends up in a circle of having to face the same problem or unpleasant situation over and over again.

During the sessions these repressed processes are made conscious, and subsequently can be recognized and interpreted. It then becomes possible to clarify and point out the old patterns of expectancies that distort and bend present relationships. As a result, the boundaries become widened, making it possible to live life and deal with the invariable problems in a different way than the up to now. One can explore and implement new ways of interacting in the world.

The central idea is to be flexible. Facing the crises, changes, the business of life and at the same time maintaining a balance between the two worlds of conscious and unconscious, without having to repress certain issues.
It is not about learning tricks or ways of dealing with certain situations, but finding the deeper cause of the stress or problem.
What causes the fear and stress one experiences, beyond the most evident reason? It is about finding the deeper buried cause, so that a change can take place and something new can develop out of the process. Effectuating a structural inner change so that the problem will not later on, sometimes in a different form, reappear.